For the past 2 1/2 years I have been friends with a young man who lives in a village on the outskirts of Idlib in Syria. Tamer was on his second year as a student at the University of Damascus when war broke out seven years ago. He was forced to return home and since then has been supporting his family and doing his best to help his local community by distributing baby milk, firewood and many other essential items to people who desperately need them but who struggle to fend for themselves for a multitude of reasons.

People4people, a German-based charity have been instrumental in raising funds for purchasing the above items before transferring the money to him in Syria.

Last year Tamer and his friends established Al-Noor school in a bid to offer a limited education program to teenage girls in the area. They rented a suitable building, recruited four excellent teachers willing to work for a modest stipend, and for the next four months ran classes in physics, chemistry, mathematics, Arabic and English five days a week.
Earlier this year the students sat their exams in these subjects. They all passed with flying colours!

Despite The fact that the situation in Idlib has become even more desperate over the past few months, Tamer and his friends have managed to rent and paint a building again this year and have re-established Al-Noor School in order to provide another forty-three girls aged fifteen with a thorough grounding in the above subjects. As is currently the case with many independently run projects funding fatigue seems to be the order of the day. People4people have been posting information about the school on social media but funding has been slow. With their blessing and that of my friend Tamer i’m writing this post in a bid to generate further interest in what this wonderful school has to offer in the hope that it will encourage more people to donate.

Any monies raised as a result of this post will be passed via our charity, Refugee Relief Ynys Mon, to The German charity People4people Who will in turn transfer it to Tamer. The school operates on a shoestring budget of $500 a month. This includes the rent for the building, stationery and paper and a very modest stipend for the four teachers involved.

Can you help?

For anyone wishing to donate, please click the “Donate” link and include the text Al-Noor school in your message no amount is considered too small.

Please help me to help a wonderfully resilient young man who has proved to be a source of hope for so many through the darkest of dark times.

Always remember: the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
Thank you so much! Heulwen

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