Update on Flight Tickets from Greece

Update on The family who received the wonderful news that they have been granted resettlement in Germany and are free to travel to their son just as soon as they can Pay for the flight. The question was how does a refugee family of 5, Who barely have enough money to survive from one day to the next, succeed in raising funds for five plane tickets? I should emphasise that they are expected to find the money themselves, that they are not allowed to purchase cheap tickets but are told on which airline to fly, and that no financial assistance is provided.

10 November 2017:
Hi everyone, just received the following message from Suzanne in Sweden with regard to our contribution towards the flight tickets:
Hi Heulwen! Just wanted to tell you that the money is now on my paypal! Thank the group so very much. As soon as we have any pictures of a happy family with tickets, I will send it to you!